Track:Unknown I forget where we were
Artist:Unknown Ben Howard
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In the middle of everything yet nowhere at all a Timekeeper looks through a doorway and smiles. All around him the once great city is in crumbled ruins but he can see, in the darkness that stretches beyond the door, all of time and space; anything that ever was and anything that ever will be and all the infinite possibilities that lies within a whispers reach.

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❝ My soul comes from better worlds and I have an incurable homesickness of the stars.
Nikos Kazantzakis (via loveage-moondream)
❝ The best thing about writing fiction is that moment where the story catches fire and comes to life on the page, and suddenly it all makes sense and you know what it’s about and why you’re doing it and what these people are saying and doing, and you get to feel like both the creator and the audience. Everything is suddenly both obvious and surprising… and it’s magic and wonderful and strange.
Neil Gaiman (via maxkirin)